I’m Dawn, I’m homeless. I’m broke, but not broken. I love coffee. Just black please. I love WordPress so much that I could talk about it all day. But I have other missions in mind right now.

I want to talk about stuff that happens in my family of things here in Fort Collins. I am one of many – all of us are different vessels on the same river.

I love metaphors too.

I do not like Facebook. I do love twitter.

I listen to those people who give their whole selves to their art. Also, I love it when I hear a complaint and a solution all wrapped in one breath. The art of communication is something I admire.

I’m creating a medium for the message love of my homeless family here in Fort Collins. Your rights and your voice are honored here. Intelligent conversation is welcome. First though, can you please help construct a directory … let’s make this place ours!


African Proverb